From as early as I can remember, I was spending time at my grandfather’s land in West Central Alabama – tagging along with my dad on deer hunts and spending every other available minute fishing for bass in the 8 acre pond in front of the house. The evenings were spent by the fireplace as we listened to the fascinating stories told by my grandfather who grew up duck hunting in the Mobile Bay delta and later in life traveled to Africa and hunted for spiral horned big game in Tanzania and Zambia. This was my foundation and what has fueled my love for the outdoors. Like many in the outdoor industry, the inspiration and drive comes from our upbringing and a passion and love for hunting and fishing.

Growing up in South Louisiana, ducks dominate the interest of most hunters and this was no different for the friends I grew up with. As I was exposed to duck hunting, it did not take long for me to establish an obsession for the sport. As my dad describes it, “in the world of hunting and fishing, there is no more thrilling moment than when birds have circled and finally committed to come into the decoys with wings locked.” I couldn’t agree more!

My obsession with duck hunting led to an obsession to develop a duck call. It took several months of trial and error to get the sound I was looking for, and after sending a few of the my first calls out to some experienced callers, I was reassured by their feedback that my tone board was complete. As a side job while in school, I began making and selling some calls. And within a few months, was starting to gain a customer base. Monitoring my progress and observing customer feedback on Facebook, my father suggested we make a real business out of what I was doing.

There are many, many people and companies out there today making duck calls and I have tremendous respect for those who paved the path for those like myself. So, as we enter the marketplace, we are humble and hopeful that we can find our place too. We want to connect with those like us who share a love and passion for this great sport and we had that very much on our minds when we made the videos on our site. Hopefully, we accomplished that.

Tyler Hall
Call Maker and Co-Founder